When Home James began trading, there were no other Companies of the same name.

Rod and Julie chose ‘Home James’, as they believed it painted the picture of quality transport, chauffeurs who were there to serve and  a good old-fashioned approach to high standards of customer service.

There are now a few others known as Home James, (including a Taxi Company in Solihull). None have any association with us, and we are the only ‘Home James Ltd’.

The name is taken from the catchphrase ‘Home James and don’t spare the horses’.

There is a story about a chauffeur in the late 19th century, although there is some argument as to whether the chauffeur belonged to Queen Victoria or to Lady Montague of Beulieu (as in the Beaulieu Motor Museum). In the story the chauffeur’s name is James Darling. It was usual to address servants by their surname, but obviously, it wasn’t appropriate for Queen Victoria/Lady Beaulieu to issue the instruction ‘Home Darling’, so she instead addressed him by his first-name.

There are two stories of what the ‘horses’ in the catchphrase is referring to. They are either referring to speed as in ‘horsepower’ or it goes further back to a time when chauffeurs drove a carriage and horses, rather than a car so the meaning could be ‘James take me home quick, and I don’t care if the horses get tired’.


We provide premium quality chauffeur driven executive cars and professional, trained and licensed chauffeurs to drive our clients’ own vehicles.

We are based in Birmingham, and although many of our journeys start and finish in the Birmingham and West Midlands area, we transport passengers everywhere in the UK.


Home James was founded in 2001 by husband and wife team, Rod and Julie Parsons.

In her previous employment as a senior training and process executive, Julie often used a chauffeur service herself, but never really found one which offered the level of service she wanted. Rod had built a successful retail business, by not only meeting but exceeding the expectations of his customers.

With this combined experience, Rod’s passion for high calibre cars and their desire to establish a business which exactly matched the needs of their customers, the blueprint for Home James (which is still in operation today) was established.

The business started small, with Rod and Julie as the only chauffeurs. This ‘on the job’ experience, ensured that they both not only learnt exactly what their passengers wanted and needed, but also formulated an accurate picture of the challenges facing a chauffeur, and the exacting standards every future Home James chauffeur should aspire to.


Customer satisfaction and recommendation, resulted in sizeable expansion, and when Rod and Julie literally moved out of the driving seat and into a management role, their invaluable chauffeuring experience, culminated in the recruitment of only the highest quality of staff, together with the setting of excellent standards in training and performance management.

The acquisition of garaging and office facilities, facilitated increasing staff numbers. Ever increasing customer volumes, meant that our entire team gained experience in how to provide differing service elements, needed and desired by our valued clients.

Whilst the big recession (2008) presented some challenges, Home James continued to thrive, by adjusting to what are clients were facing, but at the same time continuing to give the highest possible level of customer care. We consider that this spell resulted in long term improvement for us, and a greater appreciation of the challenges faced by our clients.

In recent years we have focused our attentions on the corporate market, an area we have always excelled in. Its where we began, and where we are firmly established, and we are happy to report that we have retained many customers from our humble beginnings.


We believe that Home James delivers a unique customer service experience, providing, not only high calibre chauffeurs (smartly presented, trained in driving skills, discretion and etiquette) and administration personnel, but also an in depth understanding of our clients need for efficiency, cost effectiveness, and simple booking processes.

Investment in vehicles, technology, equipment and products, has enhanced our professional chauffeur service, but the investment that continues to bring the greatest return is excellent staff, with the right attitude, who are happy to share our ‘customer is king’ culture.

Timekeeping, reliability and efficient booking procedures are of paramount importance, and contribute greatly to the excellent service we provide. This level of service is given to every client on every booking, regardless of how much is spent with us, or how often you travel.

Low staff turnover, a volume of repeat reservations, and an abundance of positive testimonials from our clients, confirm that the objectives we originally aimed to achieve in 2001, continue to be realised today.

A chauffeur service can be supplied for between 1 and any number of passengers, and we are proud to work closely with affiliates worldwide.


Our Clients include large corporate banks, manufacturers, legal institutions, high end travel agents, celebrities, dignitaries and VIPs.  They also include high net worth individuals and families, as well as those simply wanting to mark a special occasion, or make sure that their transport arrangements are as important to us as they are to them.

Variations in the type of chauffeur service we provide are numerous, and the requirements of our clients and passengers, ever changing. We have done everything from arranging airport transfers for 200 non-English-speaking individuals, to training our chauffeurs in the art of chauffeuring and assisting our local mayor (driving the Councils own vehicles).


Our own corporate chauffeur driven cars include Mercedes S Class, E Class and Viano (people carriers), all of which are valeted before every journey.  Executive minibuses, American stretch limousines, and vintage wedding cars can be supplied, and we can drive your car.

Home James is a Gold standard, award winning chauffeur service, highly respected in our industry.

We go the extra mile, to give your passengers, safe, comfortable, reliable and punctual transport, and your staff responsible for booking transport, cost effective solutions, easy and reliable processes and peace of mind, that when we say we’re going to turn up, we turn up.

Please contact us to discuss a reservation.