Home James chauffeur service works from a Depot in Perry Barr, Birmingham. Our chauffeurs drive our vehicles, and vehicles belonging to our customers. All of our vehicles are located at our Depot, as are our car valeters and admin office team.

Whilst our chauffeurs are an integral part of our operation, it is important to point out, that all are currently self-employed. This means that they do not have fixed hours or days of work, and can accept or decline reservations without explanation.

If you are interested in becoming a chauffeur but have not worked on a self-employed basis previously, talk to us. Self-employment is a very simple way to work, and as long as you keep accurate records, does not involve many extra tasks.

The owners experience of carrying out the chauffeurs role themselves, together with their respect for the individuals responsible for being the ‘face’ of the company, ensures an excellent working relationship. Our team includes many characters, and our admin team and chauffeurs, work in perfect harmony together.

In order to ensure that our customers receive continuity of service, we do provide full training, and are always at the end of a phone.

The chauffeurs role is a varied one, and because we offer our clients a flexible service, you may well be asked to carry out tasks, which other chauffeur services do not offer.

We are looking for chauffeurs possessing the following qualities:

  • 100% reliable
  • Immaculately dressed
  • Customer focused
  • Excellent driving skills
  • Excellent geographical skills
  • An obsession with punctuality
  • For insurance purposes you must be 29 years or above


If you would like to join our team, please complete this form and send it to info@homejamescars.com



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